Which AP for seamless Roaming

Good evening

I now run a Netgear R7800 as a router. OpenWRT runs on it, of course.
Then I have an Archer C7, which acts as an access point. OpenWRT also runs on it.
I use the almost roaming function of OpenWRT to enable a seamless transition from router to AP.
That works, but it doesn't always connect immediately to the clearly better WiFi, i.e. the one with better reception.

I would like to know which access points do you use, or which ones have you had the best experience with? Due to seamless roaming, I would like to run OpenWRT on all APs so that they can communicate well with the router.

Thank you and have a nice evening

Roaming is ultimately a client decision, while you can nudge them by pro-actively de-authenticating them (band-steering, as in e.g. DAWN, usteer), they still have to follow the lead.

For the most part, these features are implemented in software, so should behave the same with any (well-) supported router and wireless chipset, again, it's the client that really counts here.