Which 2.5gb managed switch?

Looking for a 10port minimum managed switch with 2.5gb support and poe

This will be used with an OpenWRT X86 router

What are the best options? I don't have a ton of networking experience, but I'll be setting up vlans and whatnot

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10 x 2.5GbE or 1x 2.5 uplink, and the rest 1GbE ?

Ideally all 2.5gb, but I'd like to compare both types of routers, price points, etc etc

Im interested in the topic as well. Planning on replacing my old mini-PC router with one that has dual 2.5Gb... and would like the external switch to match.

You may be aware of the Serve The Home folks, with their multitude of 2.5Gb switch test reviews. But, so far, theyre all unmanaged.