Where's the proc directory?

I'm trying to stretch Open-WRT-minimum-minimum on DIR-300 B7. The system is assembled manually, Buildroot. After deploying, I connect via the serial console. And ... I can't find the /Proc directory. All other directories are available, but the /Proc is missing. I think that some flag is missing in the menuconfig. But where? help me please

perhaps it's /proc - note, not /Proc ... linux file/folder names are case sensitive

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I know this moment. But the problem is wider

Sounds like you have disabled too many kernel debug/info features.

You are also missing sys/ that contains lots of kernel related stuff.

How? You have not told anything detailed about your current config.
Doing diffconfig regarding openwrt options might already reveal something, and then naturally all possible changed that you have done to kernel config...

Go to "make kernel_menuconfig" / Filesystems / Pseudo filesystems / proc filesystem support.
Some settings (not this one) are duplicated in "make menuconfig" / Global build settings / Kernel build options. Options in menuconfig should match those in kernel_menuconfig. If they don't match, some are applied as in menuconfig while others are applied as in kernel_menuconfig.