Where & which replacement power supply adapters do you buy?

I need to replace the power supply for my WDR3600 and for NBG6617. Where do you turn to to get a reliable power supply of good quality?

I am located in Europe. Is Aliexpress a good source?

I make a personal decision to only buy Class VI (efficiency rating, not a measure of power stability or cleanliness) or better supplies through a reputable, commercial, component distributor. Here in the US, I've used Mouser, Digikey, and Future. They're more expensive, but I prefer something with a recognized manufacturer (I often use CUI) and knowing the efficiency and specs.

Thank you for the info, I didn't know about efficiency classes, I'll see what Farnell stocks.

I've found a 12V 2A Meanwell adapter on aliex, but the price is same as buying locally


Depending on how good the on-board regulators are, the "ripple and noise" and "load regulation" specs are important as well. If there is direct pass-through to USB devices, they will see any "weaknesses" in the supply directly.

(My personal experience with MeanWell supplies has been very good. Be aware that they have many different "grades", especially in their chassis-mount units. I consider "PFC" an important aspect of higher-power supplies that what is generally needed for all-in-one routers.)

Here in the US, that supply is available through Mouser for US$14.80

Thanks for the info. I've found another MeanWell that is a bit cheaper and with an EU plug GST25E12-P1J

The datasheet is here https://www.meanwell-web.com/content/files/pdfs/productPdfs/MW/GST25E/GST25E-spec.pdf

Slightly better specs on the GST (80 mV ripple, vs 120 mV, both good) and most people don't need the interchangeable prongs for the mains.