Where to start with this device (SDX55)?

I have a SDX55 Wifi 6 device "https://inseego.com/download/FG2000_user_guide.pdf" which is running Openwrt 15.05.1 verison. I have obtained root access to the device and now I would like to compile my own image for this particular device.

I have uploaded images of command line specs for this device and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to get started. Here is running config: https://pastebin.com/YrGWP58a


If there is any other info that would be needed please let me know and I will try to extract it and post back here in hoped to achieve a working image.


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Start by locating a dts for the device, either from the vendor source or by modifying the dts from another similar device.

Once you have a dts use the commit for a similar ipq807 device (if any others actually have openwrt) to identify what else you need to modify to create a working image.

Also, your device is not running openwrt now, that’s the Qualcomm SDK, a heavily modified, obsolete, fork of v15


Also, if it is actually an ipq807x device there are none officially support so far.

You could try starting with the work in progress xaiomi x3600 images, or there’s a dynalink/askey device in progress, how far you get will depend on your skill and willingness to dedicate time to the project.

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Thanks for replying and your help.

I have extracted the dts from the kernel image :

I will take a look at those discussions and files and hopefully learn a lot and while hopefully achieving my end goal.


I'm planning to get one of this device and work on openwrt as well. Is this device come with SSH open or you have to TTL?

Hey! how did you got access to the router?

I've got the same device, and im having troubles with the apn configuration, so i would like to directly connect to it and try to change it "by hand" (factory reset did not work out).


Hi,also have fg2000-3 USCellular branded device, help me to get root access ,it has locked 5g bands except one witch used by USCellular and I trying to make it work at place where i am now. Thanks.

https://fccid.io/PKRISGFG20003/, a whooping 75 pages of internal photos.

https://fccid.io/PKRISGFG20003/Internal-Photos/FG20003-InPho-5023837.pdf direct link to internal device photos.Just not to check all files like i did))
So doc says model fg20003 ,fg2000-3 and i see second sim slot on pcb.Mine has no slots on cover for rj11 and usb 3.0 ports.In manual there are mention of rj11 VoLTE port.
Im wonder is it Chinese engineers made a mistake calling port JATG instead of JTAG or i don't know something.Anyway i think its a way to open this thing up.
Has cooler fan and shielded not bad.On photos where shielding was i saw some damage to pcb,it might be glued to pcb.
Share please some firmware\root access.

They're called InPho, no rocket science... ,)

Its not so oblivious when English is not your native.

So device has micro usb port near reset button, its covered by small black tape and accessible without disassembly .Detects as HID device, but i believe without oem tool\algorithm its useless.FG2000-3 has no cooler fan,has USB 3.0 port and rj11 port inside.I got usb ttl adapter and want try getting console from this side,i think its 1.8v layer based on previous novatel 8800 series.I disassembled my device, so if any need some detailed photos- write me.As topic starter not answering for few month, any help will be appreciated.Adding a pin group which i suspect to be UART ttl (or not,i dont see any labled or 4in a row like in old good times).

TS contact please to PM.

Is there any way you could provide more info on how you gained root access to the FG2000? I have one and haven't had any luck.

This is the one I have been working on, here is the factory layout that is on it.
I hear there is an FG2000e out there also, this one is FG2000 (USCELLULAR)

I have borked mine but have been compiling firmware from a friend's device in Ukrain, it has the same layout as mine and have full firmware made up for it now.
It would be cool to have openwrt running on it and not so bloated with all the BS programs they put on it that do nothing but hog up all the resources running silly crap in the background and slow it way down.

Sorry, can only upload one image per post because of new user status here.

Enabling the ports was kind of a pain but I have them all enabled and hard-coded so they stay thru factory reset now.

Here are the hardware id's for end user, download and debug modes

Download mode

End User Mode

Debug Mode





Remote NDIS

Hello I'm new to the forum and if this is not the place to post this pleas forgive me but is only topic I could find concerning fg2000-3 device

I am trying to figure out which internal antennas in the device are used to pick up 5g n71 band from the towers at least until I can open the other 5g bands that are locked within the device I want to tap in so I can install external antennas I do know there is an external antenna port already on the device but it only supports supports bands that are not useful to me thank you in advance for any and all info and help

how did you got access to the shell?