Where to hire someone to setup a captive portal?

I'd like my router with OpenWrt set up with a captive portal. Where can I find someone to hire to do that?

@reinerotto or perhaps @bluewavenet might be the people you're looking for.


A captive portal can range from very simple through to more complex than you can imagine.

But as this is your router, the implication is that it is for your home use, perhaps a guest network, or maybe you have a small guest house/B&B?
This will be the simple end of the spectrum.

But maybe you run a chain of coffee shops and want a central system with the facility for customers to self generate accounts to log in to your company network....

If you are a newcomer to OpenWrt and your past computing experience is the occasional spreadsheet and checking your emails, the "simple end" of the complexity curve is a great place to learn a great deal doing it yourself with a high probability of success.

Why would you want to pay someone to do it for you? You will almost certainly be very shocked at how expensive it could be for a professional business provider to do the work.

If you want this for a medium to large business, the cost will be relatively small compared with all your normal overheads and the benefits of "Free Wi-Fi" can be significant.

At the other extreme, paying an unknown individual that says they can do the job can carry a very high risk along with its potentially low price.

So a lot to think about.

To help clarify your thoughts, it would be worth reading this discussion:

Then consider opening an issue on Github with a description of what you want to achieve:

Thanks for the mention.


Thanks for that great reply. I'm not completely tech ignorant. It's been 10 years ago, but I built and managed a number of sites, mostly wordpress and some forum sites. And built some plugins for those. I used to work in html and php. And I've paid for work before. But that's been over 10 years ago.

I read through the forum thread you linked me, and honestly was lost within moments. It's not that I wouldn't rather do it myself; I would. It's that I think the learning curve is too steep to do myself in a timely manner. And I'd like it done fairly quickly.

I'm not really familiar with github. How does that work?