Where to get TL-WDR3600

i want this device where i can buy it? dd-wrt? you crazy?

There are much better routers on the market now. The 3600 about 10 years old technology-- it has a single core MIPS and WiFi 4.

i know that good, i need this device.
i never know about this device. i just need this device in my home

How about a TL-WDR4300 instead?
I've got one left over...

yes good too, looks just the same

Well, they're almost identical.
The only difference is, the 3600 is Dual Stream (2x2) on 5 GHz, while the 4300 is Triple Stream (3X3).

I have to do some experiments that I have done in the past. short explanation. I had a friend with outdoor cameras that constantly deaunteticated from the access point, because some stupid kid was using aireplay-ng. so I modified ath9k to work on very low, uncommon frequencies, and this problem was solved with the use of two devices and the cameras connected via ethernet. now I want to try to raise the 5 ghz frequencies.

If the cameras support MFP (IEEE802.11w), that can be used to resist deauthentication attacks.

no, it's not for the camera anymore, now is just for fun. and at that time camera with IEEE802.11w? not even now wpa2 work right with that.

i'm still 100x100 sure that is more secure than wpa3. LOL