Where to get source code for Inteno DG200

Is there any OpenWRT build for the DG200 Inteno router? It is based on Iopsys which in turn based on OpenWRT. But despite this fact I was not able to locate the source code for this router.

As stated on the archived page:

"DG200 is a powerful residential gateway with multi-WAN with dual concurrent WiFi. As all Inteno gateways DG200 has iopsys inside. Iopsys is a modern modular operating system that supports all features required by high-end business critical gateway software. iopsys is built on OpenWRT and combines the best from the open source community with Inteno┬┤s 15 year experience of operator business."

There is a git for the IOPSYS OS here:

Also a clone in GitHub with comments regarding DG200

There is also a fresh exploit for this router:

I find a recipe for the other model but based on the same codebase. Havn't tested it though...