Where to buy network hardware in Romania?

Hi all,

Anyone knows if there's a site that sells network hardware (preferably these ones as I've already got OpenWrt running on them) in Romania? I need to get some new powerline adapters since my UK ones won't work as the power sockets are different. Alternatively, a EU retailer that can ship to Romania would be fine as well. As far as I understand Amazon isn't available here.

I found them on here but they only sell the starter kit and not the additional Wi-Fi access points. Tried reaching out to them by email but no luck.

Anyone has further suggestions? Thanks!

Probably eMag.ro?

Thanks, just had a look. Sadly they don't have what I need. The few wireless powerline adapters they have don't support OpenWrt and I don't trust the built-in firmware to do what I need (I reality need 802.11r otherwise having lots of APs is pointless if your device can't efficiently roam between them).

Any other options? A foreign website would be fine as well as long as they ship internationally within Europe.