Where should I ask for DoT and https secure DNS queries in DNSMasq?

I would like to ask OpenWRT developers to integrate DoT and https secure DNS queries in DNSMasq.

But I have not found a place in the forum where that kind of proposals can be made.

Where whould I ask for such things?

You should find a kind soul to write some actual code and send that in as patches or a GitHub PR. Developers are spread thin, nobody's waiting for ideas.

The 'I'd like feature X or Y requests' aren't helpful. Code is.

Curious way of thinking.

Prior to code you need to know what to code and what people needs or what part of your program gets more difficult for people.
That is called user feedback, a valuable resource for any team.

Of course providing an implementation of the solution is much better.
But not everybody can code in any field.
Problably what I could code in openWRT won't help anybody.

Of course nobody is going to code each feature somebody asks for.

But hearing from ideas on how to make the program easier and more accesible, won't hurt.
Some of them would result easy to implement and helpfull for many people.

So if there is no place, of you don't know where you can ask, it is OK.

You could try the openwrt-devel mailing list or IRC to get in contact with the developers and get their opinion on your porposal.

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Yes, or may be in github. Thank you for your answer.

But that is perhaps a too direct connection to developers. When you post something there usually it should be more elaborated with more detail in what should be done and what should be done.

Usually there is a previous debate in user forums or other medium before a proposal is made from somebody to the developers channel.

I thought was some place for that debate, if there is not there is no problem either.

I just would like to have a way to configure DoT in the luci dnsmasq interface, using the simpler approach (stubby seems to be the more direct aproach, just encrypting queries previous to sending them).
There is a way of doing it by hand (in the documentation) but it is more like a hack.

May be it is not as "easy" as it sounds to implement it and that is why it is not already done. May be just there are more important things to develope (lots for sure).

It is an addtion to luci and OpenWrt.

Because it is not an out of the box default. Like buying a car. Some use for little trips to get shopping. Others drive more frequently.
Encrypted DNS by default will not work as there are multiple DNS services you could choose and making choices for users could result in issues. Thus better to provide the software to do it and let users choose how to set it up.


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