Where is Tplink archer c20 v5 openwrt firmware install file download link?

I can't find tp link archer c20 v5 openwrt firmware install file. Please someone help me where I can get it.

Follow the instructions to create "factory" image with tplink bootloader:
Once in Openwrt install auc/attendedsysupgrade or check for new releases in:
EDIT: if you are in doubt I can duplicate your bootloader creations and we compare we get same checksum on final "factory" file. Or you try 2x like in wsl and cygwin....

I want to install openwrt by my android phone from tplink admin panel

Now. Please.... Please.... Please :pray: Answer me

Where the installation file by which I can directly upload firmware file and install openwrt

there isn't one, you need to create it 1st.

Can you create one for me.....please :pray::pray:

Your little help will make true my dream :face_holding_back_tears:

Install f-droid
Install termux
Create image
Install it

Can you check the label contains (EU) and the installed firmware version?

You will need an ethernet connection for initial setup, even if you succeed with flashing over web interface.

If you create a custom factory image using image-builder, you can probably enable the wifi in the script section.

You need to prepend OEM bootloader from installed OEM firmware, a lot of accuracy from mobile phone.

Custom factory image, or standard, all the same.

But yes, using a cell phone doesn't make it easier.

Can you share any video or article of tutorial?

Get a computer for installation. The factory install needs very careful approach because it re-flashes OEM bootloader. One number wrong and it is bricked needing flash programmer and soldering.
If your computer is windows you need wsl, cygwin or linux virtual machine to compose the one-time factory image.

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The reason why no one posts pre-made "factory" images is that TP-Link's terms for using the firmware do not allow modifying and/or redistributing their files.