Where is the MAC address located?

Today I dumped the flash memory of my router but couldn't find the MAC address. How is the mac address stored?
I tried to find some documentation but got nothing.

It's definitely in your flash dump.

Tell us which device you have and we tell you where and how your mac is stored in your dump.

archer d7 v2, i searched in uboot and art partitions but can't' find it.

Archer c7 v2, I tried in art and uboot partitions, but got nothing.

At least for C7V2, u-boot-env is located at the end of the u-boot partition:
0x1fc00: mac address,
0x1fd00: model number,
0x1fe00: pin code

try the following to verify:

cat /dev/mtd0 |hexdump

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I just found a bunch of FFFFF. But why my router's wan port shows a different mac address like 11:22:33:44:55:66 but i can't find it in the uboot?
I'm just curious.

My C7V2's LAN mac address is exactly what is stored in 0x1fc00: while WAN mac address is +1 (xxxxxxxx:FD instead of xxxxxxxx:FC).

It seems that your C7V2 don't have the mac address set.

If by chance you've installed breed, you can set yourself a mac address and recheck.

Yeah you are right, I just changed it. But I'm still curious why the mac address of wan is, for example 11:22:33:44:55:66, instead of ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff.

maybe FFFFFFFFFF is not a valid mac address and OpenWrt just set it a valid default one?
After having changed the mac address, do you get the right one in Luci?

Give output of cat /proc/mtd

Yes thanks a lot

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