Where is the best place to install openwrt?

Hi, I'm very new but I allready love openwrt and this comunity.
I came here no with a problem but with a doubt.
I just install openwrt in a pc, for testing porpuses i use a 16GB usb3 pendrive, but this computer also have a 160GB ssd disk. I can use disk in another place so the question is, can openwrt work correctly from a usb? should I install it in the ssd?
I wait for your opinions, thanks.

Is your ultimate goal is to use OpenWrt on that PC?

You know, for the sake of testing you could just run it as a virtual machine (in which case that would be a file on the SSD). But actually installing OpenWrt on a 160 GB is an overkill in my opinion (unless you have no other use for that SSD).

yes that pc is a router pc, and I use the pendrive so i can test the hardware. Yes I can put another disk, (normal ones) but all big ones, 250GB.

OpenWrt runs fine from a USB stick. While you might want more reliable storage long term, performance wise the USB stick will do fine (the flash storage in most routers OpenWrt is optimized for is slower than half-decent USB sticks - and x86 has enough RAM to cache most of the system storage), unless you're looking for heavy, router-atypical services (file server, DBMS, etc.).

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