Where is kernel image located, and which options are used for U-Boot build?

After a make run, can I still somewhere find the standalone kernel uImage, and the generated U-Boot image?

I have a setup (Xunlog Orange Pi Plus 2, which in fact is an Orange Pi Plus with just more RAM and onboard flash) where the build system only emits an SD card image (and the rootfs additionally as a .tar.gz), but I have OpenWrt installed to the onboard flash, so I have to manually fiddle with things to get it installed correctly. (I cannot just dd the sdcard image to the eMMC because that would then wanting to try from SD-card.)

So I manually copy over the contents of the root filesystem, and in case there was a change in the kernel I also have to copy over the uImage to the boot partition.

Additionally, I build U-Boot by myself. Both my own config and the upstream default configuration do not enable HDMI output. But OpenWrt's build does. So I want to see the U-Boot build options OpenWrt uses, to replicate this and start from there my customisations. Where can I find how OpenWrt builds U-Boot?

side-note why I was asking for the U-Boot image: I just screwed up the U-Boot I hat on the eMMC, so I had to manually locate and extract the U-Boot image from the sdcard image.

I finally found it:

build_dir/target-<architecture-string-1>_<toolchain-"magicabbreviations">/linux-<architecture-string-2>/<targetboard>-kernel.bin, e.g. for my board


build_dir/target-<architecture-string-1>_<toolchain-"magicabbreviations">/u-boot-<uboot-targetboard>/u-boot-<version>/u-boot-<targettype>-with-spl.bin, e.g. for my board


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