Where is Enterprise Security in LEDE?


I'm not able to find WPA2 Enterprise in the drop down list in LEDE. Where I can found it?



LEDE is very old, and is now completely unsupported. It has many security vulnerabilities, some of which may be actively exploited. It should. It not be used anymore, especially if you care about security.

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Can I still flash a TL-WR841N with a OpenWRT version that support Enterprise Authentication?

WPA2 "Enterprise" requires the the full hostapd package, the default hostapd-mini that ships with OpenWrt (chiefly for size reasons) does not support "Enterprise" mode.

You will also need a Radius server for client authentication.

Oh boy. That thing is way past its expiry date I'm afraid.


+1 to @takimata’s comment. You will need a RADIUS server among other things.

And if your intent is to improve security of your network, you need to start with a secure router firmware. That means 21.02.3

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I do have radius server, I have AP-clients authenticated on it at the moment. I just want to add a new AP.

As I can read the most recent version that I can install on this TL-WR841N is 18.06.9.

Is the version 18.06.9 have the required package?

And yes it is very old but still working. :wink:

Get a more modern wireless ap.

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Sorry I can't. I need to make this one working.

Which version? Most of them only have 4MB flash.

I do have the one with V.9.

Currently running LEDE 17.01.4

That is a 4MB device.

If LEDE has the full hostapd package and if it will fit in the available storage footprint, you might be able to do this. But, if it isn't available or doesn't fit, you're completely out of luck.

As I mentioned earlier, LEDE is obsolete, unsupported, and not secure. So the idea of "enterprise security" on a device this old is a joke.

It's also worth mentioning that this device is 12 years old!!! This is truly ancient in tech terms. It has 300Mbps (max theoretical) 802.11n (Wifi 4) technology, and 100Mbps ports. It is time to replace this device.

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okay thank-you.