Where does the redirect come form?

I finally got owncloud up and running and though it wasnt easy its at least working now.

All guides i found had me use lighttpd. the first time i tried to move luci to lighttpd I lost it (had to reload from cli) so the second time around i figured i would just keep it on uhttpd but move it to port 82. which is an extra service (:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) but it works

so now i have (ports verified by netstat)
uhttpd on port 82 pointing to /www
lighttpd on port 80 pointing to /www/owncloud

however my problem is that the root url

still tries (and fails) to redirect to luci.

When i go to

owncloud loads as it should

IMO the redirect is coming form the www/index.html
but my lighttpd doc root is www/owncloud/
so how is this redirect happening?
how can i disable the redirect so that going to

loads www/owncloud/index.php

One other side question:
how can i configure lighttpd to work on the WAN interface so its accessible from outside the lan? I thought i saw an interface setting somewhere but i cant find it again and the owncloud site isnt working from outside my network.

Browsers cache redirects, sometimes quite persistently. Clearing your browser cache will help.

That's easy: open port 80 in the firewall configuration. The hard part is deciding whether you want the whole internet hammering your OwnCloud installation.


thanks takimata that was the problem and with the configuration change my owncloud is now accessible from the outside!

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