Where does one edit Luci Statisics

hi there -- where does one edit Luci statistics. as I am in the middle of upgrading its option for different collectd-mod - but alot of the collectd -modues do not create a based on the the openwrt host name it creates the rrd but can not be displayed a catagory in luci stats -because it not linked to the local openwrt hostname . ie curl, curl_xml curl_json, GPS snmp, modbus etc.. there is a work around for some other not - if you call one Openwrt the other will display as another host.. I just want to see if I can modify luci Statisitic page to display all host whether or not there is an actual localhost for that catagory

Not really following the issue here. Maybe add some screenshots + snippets from the terminal showing whats where, and what you were expecting ..