Where does logread and dmesg store and get its information?


I have OpenWrt for many years on a TP-1043ND, with external root in USB sticks.
Now using CHAOS CALMER (15.05.1, r48532) because the latest LEDE release didn't have the wifi as stable as this one.
Anyway, from time to time (more or less every two years), the USBs get weared and I need to replace them.

Therefore, I'm trying to limit all te possible writes so I can extend the USB stick lifetime.

I've disabled some things such as the FW logging (lots of scann/login attempts) but I can't find where "logread" and "dmesg" is written. I'd be assuming it would be something in /var/log but it seems not.

Any idea?


RAM ringbuffer (64 KB).

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How is logread populated?

Curious as to why you're bumping a several year old topic to ask the same question again when the answer is just above your question?

Because I’m a dumbass welder trying to learn a new set skills and I don’t understand the answer. I attempted to ask the question different way.

....I didn’t notice the date until after posting.

it's usually the kernel and the daemon running on the device that write to it.

Thank you. I have jumped off in the deep end of the pool with OpenWRT. There is so much to learn.

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