Where do non-ct drivers come from

I have a question,
my device is blessed with ct and non-ct drivers,
now I know ct drivers are comming from Candella technoligies,
but the other drivers
do they come from the linux kernel or some other place?
I just installed the linux drivers from some external repository,


and I have the feeling those work a little bit better, but maybe it's just a feeling and the drivers are the same as included in OpenWRT,
still the original firmware seems to work better for my device, but then there are options missing.

From Qualcomm:


it looks like those are the same drivers as on the other repo, so I'd better stick with the once provided by OpenWrt then.
one follup question,
those divers havn't been touched for over a year.
still openWRT changes the version number on them

are there some other changes made, or does this happen automatically when something gets build.

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