Where do I get a first time connection on a GL-MT300N-V2?

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I flashed my GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 with the latest stable openwrt for a few features that aren't supported by the manufacturer and, bit of a silly question, but how do I connect to it for the first time? I was a bit caught out when I was waiting for a default wifi network to come up, that never appeared, and I have since read that openwrt does not have a wifi network (by default) for devices that have ethernet ports.

My device has a LAN, WAN and a usb port. I've tried plugging in to the LAN (and in desperation, the WAN) from a PC but I'm not getting assigned an ethernet address from either of them.

How am I supposed to connect to this thing, is it using the USB? I'm on Linux and I must admit I've never used a USB internet provider before. I can always jump onto a Windows box if necessary but I'd rather know for sure because it's difficult to physically access it.

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On a default OpenWrt flash - upon booting, the LAN ports should serve IP addresses via DHCP in the IP range.

You should then be able to browse to:

looks like I've bricked my device in that case, I'm not getting anything on the LAN and I tried on independent Linux and Window PCs, with different cables.

There is a USB port, does anybody know if I can use that to recover?

Also is there a wiki page with device specific information on it? I couldn't find anything obvious in the Documentation.

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What install instructions did you use?

Absolutely - but your comment seems as if haven't seen the Wiki page yet (which contains the install instructions)?

See: https://openwrt.org/toh/gl.inet/gl-mt300n_v2#installation

cool, thanks! I had not found this, I was working off https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-quick-start/factory_installation which is really not device specific at all.