Where do custom files go?

I have an 18.06 source tree installed and am trying to learn how to build using menuconfig rather than image builder.

So far, so good, I've built my first two versions without problems but now I need to add custom network settings and files. I'm building a couple of targets at the same time to learn about this mips_24k and mipsel_24k.

Using image builder, I would put my files at the root of the build tree (files/) but in this case, where do my custom files go?

Same, ./files/ (or a location symlinked there)

Thanks for the input.

In this case, I have files for the two different variations I am building.
Meaning, I could name them files-mips and files-mipsel for example but I probably have to mention those in the build config somewhere too right?

I manage that kind of thing by linking ./files/ to ./env/files (and .config to ./env/dot.config) and managing ./env/ as a git repo.

As they are different architectures and will build different cross-compilation tools, you might also consider using git worktree to keep at least the architectures separate from each other and from a "reference" copy of master.


Thank you for the information Jeff. It is much appreciated.
I also found this so wanted to share.


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how you add files in image ? like i want to add a new .css file for luci.

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