Where can I see the traffic according to local IP in LuCI?

Where can I see the traffic according to the local IP in my LuciOS?
In the previous version that my router had, I could see the consumption of each of the connected users. Now I don't know if I'm not looking right or if I have to install something else. Please help and sorry for my english.

  • Which version?
  • Does Realtime Graphs > Connections show what you're looking for?

I don't remember exactly what that version was, but it may be one from two or three years ago. If I go to the place where you decide, I can only see the accumulated consumption, I cannot see the current one and neither separately, up and down.

Did you install a package for this?

I think not, but I can install one if necessary

Just a clarification, Luci isn’t a OS. It is only a graphical user interface for OpenWrt that is the actual firmware (router OS)

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if you login to Luci, by default it opens Status / Overview page. what do you see there as firmware version ?

normally as posted by @lleachii already, under Status / Realtime graphs / Connections you should see per tuple (src ip, src port, dst ip, dst port, protocol) traffic. it is not grouped by ip. can you see that this page?

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Try installing the package luci-app-nlbwmon.