Where can I find MAC address filtering settings in Luci?

As per the header, I already did a search, and theres an article from 2020 that uses some command line to manage MAC addy's, however I only understand how to use the Luci interface.

My wider problem is that I have a Brother printer where the MAC is not visible in a network scan and the error report setting up the printer suggests the printer is being excluded by a MAC filter.

Thank you.

Network - Wireless - click edit on the wireless network - Mac Filter (at the bottom).
But by default the MAC Filter is disabled.


Thanks faser,
Yes, I doubt that's the problem, but no stone unturned, etc
I think I may need to factory reset the printer, everything else has failed.
Or maybe whitelisting in the router? Does whitelisting still allow general/random access?
UPDATE: So I went in and answered my own question.
The printer is definitely not in the routers list of active MACs I run. Strange... Anyway, consider this question SOLVED. Thanks.

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