Where are the upper 5ghz channels?

So I have always used openwrt on my routers and I've generally used the upper 5ghz channels. My stuff was in storage for awhile and I recently pulled out my r7500v2, r7800, and a wrt32x and upgraded them to the latest snapshot builds. Every router is missing all 5ghz channels above 144. I was just wondering if this is just a mistake in luci or if something else is up? I acquired an xr500 recently and the upper channels were all there when I was poking around dumaos just to see what it was like before switching. Just curious if I can get my favorite channels back? lol

Did you configure your region (country code on the wireless settings) correctly?

If so, check the following for the details

iw reg get
iw list

That did it. Was set to default country code 00. Changed it to US and everything is good. Thanks!

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