When will we get kernel update 5.15 or 6.1

i am curious as 5.10 is a old kernel when we will get a new kermel update??

Pretty much every target in master is 5.15, which is presumably where the next stable images will land, and 6.1 PR is available as a WIP.

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Like anomeome says, pretty much all targets in master are with 5.15, and the announced goal is to branch the next stable release branch at the end of March. ( see https://openwrt.org/meetings/20230124 )

So, the forthcoming 23.03 (or 23.04) release branch should have 5.15.

Master branch can then be gradually upgrade to 6.1 (or later) for 24.0x in a year.


+1 Almost certainly it will be 6.1 instead of later, as 6.1 has been designated as LTS (https://www.kernel.org/category/releases.html).

Some discussion about 23.x in the last meeting notes https://openwrt.org/meetings/20230124

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