When will a new OpenWrt version arrive, after 19.07.3

Because of several major linux kernel vulnerabilities there is an urgent need for a new OpenWrt version, which comes after 19.07.3

When will a new OpenWrt version be published and which linux kernel will it contain, please?

There is https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/releases/goals/19.07.4 and https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/releases/goals/20.xx


The new version 19.07.4 seems to keep the old linux kernel 4.14.180

More interesting is the new OpenWrt version 20.XX with a new linux kernel version 5.x.
Does anyone know roughly the planned release date?

The 4.19 lts kernel for the next 19 release is patched to 4.19.137
The 4.14 lts kernel for the next 18/19 release is patched to 4.14.193. Even those on 4.9 are up to 4.9.232
These kernels are only weeks old. I don't think there are several major vulnerabilities in them, or even the current public releases.

If you're looking for a 20 release with the 5.4 kernel it is maybe 5.4.53

So far so good.

Do you have any idea, by when one of the versions will be released?

Please, is it August, September or October 2020, when you release the new version?

19.07.4 has been tagged today. It contains kernel 4.14.195

The build and release will naturally take a few days.


This is great news, thanks a lot!