When we will get kernel update

We are waiting for the 5.15 kernel update?

Looks like no more 5.10 series are in queue for the 23.05 branch:

The currently queued kernel is 5.15.112:

Wait for that release or run a nightly snapshot.

I've noticed you've made a few posts regarding specific kernel versions.

Just curious, is there a technical reason why?

Kernel 5.15 is for 23.05 which has been branched lately, and will land in RC in a few time. You can try a 23.05 or main snapshot in the meantime.

Actually 5.10 is too old and there are many improvements on 5.15 even debian now launching bookworm so i am really curious that what are the new feature i could get with new kernel update that was all.

I am waiting for the rc actually once rc will land i will flash that...

  • 22.03 has kernel 5.10.x
  • 23.05 has and will have kernel 5.15.x (and targets without 5.15 are left out the release)
  • development master has 5.15 and is already introducing 6.1 testing support for targets

Well, the rc from 23.05 is pretty much the same as the development master (which already has 5.15) one week ago, as the 23.05 branch was created from the development master one week ago. Currently you could quite as well use the development master.


… or try 23.05-snapshot:

23.05-snapshot comes with kernel 5.15.

These 23.05 branch snapshots contain luci by default, but other warnings for the snapshot images still apply, at least for now before the 23.05.0 release: https://openwrt.org/releases/snapshot