When router hardware version is not listed?

Router DLINK DIR - 825 | https://openwrt.org/toh/d-link/dir-825 | Hardware version is G1

Versions B1,B2,C1,C2 are supported.
A1, D1 are not supported.
My version : G1 isn't mentioned..
Now what should I do ? Any way I can probe to find the differences between these versions ? What is the usual process to find if it will work ? What all could work ? etc...


btw the old forum posts are missing and google search itself has gone downhill

Hardware specs: https://wikidevi.com/wiki/D-Link_DIR-825_rev_G1

-> SoC RTL8197DN is not supported by OpenWrt.

Search the forum for "Lexra" to see why.

You could add that revision to wiki as non-supported.

hmm, Thanks for the quick quick reply. I was getting restless and was trying to flash it anyway..
Edited the wiki