When open any some site convert to ( )

and site not work !
try in pc
and mobile
and all device into my network the same problem !

It would help if you were more specific on your problem reports including things like:

  • Exactly what you did
  • Exactly what happened
  • What you expected to happen

and, in cases like this, any non-stock configuration you've done on your router and which router and ROM version you're using. You've posted so many things about hiding SSIDs, MAC filtering, hardware mods, that it's difficult to know what you are running there.

Also, a little thing that would make your posts more friendly,

Everything is not an emergency !

i used openwrt 18.06.1
when go to any site ex.

the site in address bar convert automatic to
and the site not work !
try in pc & mobile !
look this ip into https://www.iplocation.net/
get information this ip from my ISP Tedata !
try change DNS Not Work the same problem !
i Think The ISP try Connect from this IP to my computer backdoor
ip --------
port 9097 and port is closed

This is likely something that your browser is controlling (or, as mk24 points out in the next post, your ISP). I would suggest disabling any plug-ins, extensions, or whatever your browser calls them and try again. OpenWrt does not control what your browser shows for other sites (at least as configured by default, as users could add captive-portal packages or the like).

This looks like a bounce to a captive page controlled by your ISP. Typically this means your account has been de-activated (e.g. bill not paid, or otherwise they no longer like you) and they are not allowing you to access the Internet.


my subscriber is to 30/12/2012
how to block this ip into the firewall openwrt ?
i want block
and port 9097

Why? Blocking access to that site will not solve the issue.

when open some site convert to this ip

And whatever is making the redirection, will continue making the redirection... you are just locking yourself out of the redirected site, not avoiding the redirection.


Nobody asked is this is the first time and if openwrt worked before... This can very well be a virus that changed some settings in the router...

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Also no traceroute or ping to check if DBs resolution works... ABC...

If you are concerned about the content of the site, then you can do things from opening the page in "Incognito" mode, using a guest account on your OS, or even using curl or the like to retrieve the content. There is a reason you are being redirected, which is likely due to misconfiguration or incomplete configuration on your part (perhaps including authenticating to your ISP), potentially due to you trying to access services in a way that your ISP does not allow, or other ISP-related reasons, needs to be determined and resolved.

If you continue to have problems, would suggest reverting to official, stock OpenWrt release version and configuration on a router that you haven't modified other than configuring for ISP connectivity parameters.

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not work auto convert to this ip
if me reboot the router all is work fine and then happened after some time !

i not install any package into openwrt. all is default

my subscriber is still work to 30/12/2018

i contact ISP tell me change the DNS to - into the router !
but i change into the computer not work
i make reboot to the router now all site is return work but some time this problem happened again

Hi Ahmed, This was supposed to be a quota redirection page, which they show when you reach different percentages from your package's limit (70%,80%, & 100%), but they -"tedata"- some how messed it up, it used to be possible to reach the actual page by changing the 9097 in the end of the ip to 9092 or 9094 (I don't remember, could be different), and then choosing continue from the page, but for some reason this required the dns to be theirs.