When does /dev/mmcblk actually mount?

I'm trying to work with /dev/mmcblk1pX during boot. I've put a few scripts in at a couple of places, including S11, S99, and rc.local, but /dev/mmcblk1 isn't mounted at any of them. I see it at the very tail end of the console log, but I'm not sure how/when/where to set put boot scripts that actually can access it.

Can anyone offer suggestions? Thanks!

The ZyXEL NBG6817 (ipq8065) has kernel && rootfs on eMMC, /dev/mmcblk0p[58] are mounted on / as needed.

The rootfs image I'm working with is loaded during u-boot stage 3, but the kernel itself doesn't see the device until after rc.local runs. What comes after rc.local in the init chain?

Adding rootwait to the Kernel commands tells the system to stall the init until the mmc device comes up..

I'm just closing out old threads with the answers I've found, in case anyone else is looking..

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