When comes openvpn 2.5?

openvpn 2.5 is released. When will it come to openwrt snapshots and reseases?

Someone should file a ticket:

I'll leave that to someone more active and knowledgeable, i am only new on forums.. Still, having openvpn-openssl 2.5 would be great, and having an indication of when it comes to openwrt would be even greater.

You can monitor this file:

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It introduces (or rather begins to deprecate) some cipher options. Whoever does the package upgrade will need to be careful.

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Where has the openvpn-openssl package gone?

build failure in buildbot (but that has nothing to do with this thread's topic)

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There has been a pending patch for some time -- no idea how to track activity/feedback on this. If you roll your own build you could patch this in. Given the author of the patch questions the handling of some changes it's unlikely this will be the final implementation.

OpenVPN 2.5 Patch

several people indicated in the forums they installed openvpn 2.5
can anyone point me to a tutorial on how to do that in 19.07.6 please?
thank you.

OpenVPN 2.5 should be available on snapshot builds:

But installing it on OpenWrt 19.07 might be problematic.