When can I expect WPA3 in Openwrt?

I know I can use SSH to add WPA3, what I mean is built in with new install. Is it going to take some more years of testing?

What about...


I already have that build, I enabled it using ssh but something got screwed and I had to revert all the settings. It would be nice to have it ready to use when installing Openwrt.

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Then install it again from scratch. Set it up and away you go. :+1::man_dancing::slight_smile:

I know, hopefully WPA3 will be included soon by default. Right now I am keeping it at WPA2.

I stick with wpa2 anyway because not all devices will work with it.

Same here. I tried to add it too...

Per the Wiki:

To use the WPA3 modes as access point, it is required to install the hostapd-openssl package.

To use the WPA3 modes as station (client), it is required to install the wpa-supplicant-openssl package.

To support both access point and station modes with WPA3, it is possible to install the wpad-openssl package.

After installing hostapd-openssl - I had to reset my device as well. WPA3 was listed as options; but I could not enable my APs.


I don't expect that to happen any time soon. WPA3 support depends on openssl, which immediately adds almost 1 MB to the firmware image, which is significant - impossible for 4 MB devices and severely limiting further expandability on 8 MB ones. At the same times the number of clients that are compatible with WPA3 right now is still severely limited.

Do not get me wrong, I do want WPA3 and I've been using it for quite a while already, but installing it by default at the expense of ~1 MB flash space would probably be a disservice to most users.

wolfssl might be a little smaller, but it was broken until a couple of days ago - and I haven't tallied up its space requirements (I need openssl for other purposes anyways), nor tested if it has really been fixed now.


I thought this thread was very old, but it appears new. But just for the record, i am running WPA3 for a while now against 19.07.2 and 19.07.3 using samsung s10 phones. From OpenSUSE, i have some odd problems, but openwrt definately runs wpa3 - until recently u had to change wpad to wpad-openssl and a few dependencies it is described elsewhere on the forum. But for sure it works :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my router WRT3200ACM does not support WPA3 which I found out lately Does WRT3200ACM supports WPA3?

No WPA2/WPA3 mixed mode, or?

802.11w is horribly broken with mwlwifi, especially on a rango; did have sae mixed working on a mamba last year, but the same setup on a rango drove it to its knees and abandoned the idea.

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I can enable mixed mode but nothing connects.

You wrote:

but thats not what you actually tested here and hnyman specificly wrote mixed mode:

So perhaps there is at least a chance that WPA3 only works (if selectable?) so perhaps your statement "does not support wp3" is not true.

It would seem that if WPA3 requires 802.11w, and 802.11w is broken, that unless there is some movement on the development front as regards mwlwifi, the answer is, not now, and in all likelihood, not ever.

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WPA2 is secure enough for now, if someone fixes the WPA3 problem in the future I ll install it.

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