When are packages for 18.06.0 updated, if ever?

I like to use the latest wireguard releases. The development OpenWRT snatpshots generally contain the latest wireguard package, but 18.06.0 is one back and hasn't been updated.
Do the packages for current release of OpenWRT get updated packages as they become available? How long does it usually take?
Do I need to learn how to build the packages myself?

I think especially wireguard is only updated on a new minor release with a new kernel because it's a kmod package.

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User-space packages are built constantly after source updates, but kernel packages only at the connection of releases as they require exact kernel match.

(There is also behind-the-scenes buildbot for constant build of 18.06, but those kernel packages are compatible only with the firmware built on the same build run. Slight exaggeration, but gives the picture.)

But there might be a 18.06.1 release in a few days:


due to CVE-2018-5390 (TCP based DoS against Kernel 4.9) I'd like to tag 18.06.1 on thursday, the 9th to have updated images available on friday/saturday.


Thanks. I'll wait for the .1 release.
Isn't is possible to build wireguard against the release kernel after the fact? I don't completely understand the build process. If it is, maybe I should learn how to build wireguard myself, so I can update at my choice.
If I understand the wireguard process, they're soon going to be integrated in the linux kernal, so maybe the changes will slow down in any case.

It is. The difficult part is to have the exactly same kernel version, kernel options and kernel modules to be built.

Easiest is likely to use the release SDK an build just that package. (e.g. eduperez builds and releases updated mwlwifi drivers here that way)

Or checking out the release tag on your build system and then update just the wireguard package and then build firmware while maintaining all other kernel-related options intact.

(In the long run the best practice is to build your own updated firmware with updated versions of all packages that you need. That is what I do. If you rely on release firmwares, then you pretty much need to stick into release kmods)

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