WhatsApp Call Not Connecting

Thanks, will give it a try and report back.

even though it is a v1, when mentioning WIFI Issues, the following combination is sometimes a harbinger of hell:
newer Linksys WRT + WIFI + 21.02.x + certain clients

I would first try 22 rc 6 before further debugging.

Make sure "802.11w Management Frame Protection" is disabled.

Thanks, I'll give openwrt 22 a try once it is stable.

802.11w Management Frame Protection was disabled.

I'm trying the Android settings suggested by @AlanDias17

I've installed 22.03 but still have the issue.
How about you ?

is isolate clients turned on your wifi settings ? please turn this off.

I don't understand how can "client isolation" configuration be the issue since the other device is on the internet. Anyway, I'll try it and report asap.
Thanks for the suggestion.

you can find the list of domains here for whitelisting https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/guides/network-requirements/

Also make sure port 5223 isn't blocked either.

I had a different issue. Isolate Client was turned on on my router. I wasn’t able to use my smarthome. By turning off isolate client everything works great.