What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?

Why not getting something newer if you are buying one?

Newer? any suggestions?

I would suggest you take a look at the ( Asus version ) of the OnHub.

The D-link model you listed is an AC2600, and the Netgear model you mentioned is an AC1750. The Asus Onhub is an AC1900 ( with full 5Ghz support), but it has more storage (4GB), more RAM (1GB), and more processor (1.4Ghz) than either of the other aforementioned models you were considering. Also, compared to other models, it is a very inexpensive device which you can find online for less than $50 USD.

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Interesting device, pity that it only seems to be available in the USA.

Or if you can still find those 2016 1st Gen Google WiFi (not Nest), it's also pretty good one for casual use, I installed one into my mom's home and it's really great.

On ebay I can find one labeled as google wifi mesh (2021), is it the correct one?
Do you know if the usb port is only for power or can be used also for tethering?
Edit: also, the wiki page seems quite outdated (it mentions it's only supported in a snapshots but there's an image available since 23.05.0).
Edit2: from the photos it seems it has a barrel connector for power instead of usb-c so it's not supported. Back to square one in my quest for a cheap dual band device with usb.

No, not the 2021 version, it has to be 2016 version, and USB-C port can connect a USB-C hub with Power Deliver (which is also required for your OpenWrt flashing) so that you can get extra USB-A port for your own usage.

Thank you, as you can see in my second edit I realized that the 2021 model cannot be flashed with openwrt (and has no usb port). The 2016 model has the same problem as the onhub: I can only find units in the USA (at least on ebay) and the shipping to Spain is too expensive.

I’m looking for a dumb ap and have been looking at these. Any recommendations? Looking for an mt76 device

Cudy WR3000
Belkin RT3200
Reyee E5

The Zyxel one is kind of unbeatable with it's current price in US, fastest SoC, and it's originally a ceiling mounting AP type.

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Any of those will work - comes down to price in your area and features. The Zyxel NWA50AX and Cudy WR3000 have newer filogic chips and thus 2.4 GHz ax support. That's what I would choose between for that reason. If the lower Cudy price or non-wall/ceiling form factor are important and its small flash is not an issue, the Cudy...otherwise I'd pick the Zyxel.

The Cudy (and Reyee) only have 16 MB flash - enough for a dumb AP, but a little tight if used for a gateway someday.

I like the Reyee E5 and use it as a dumb AP - used on ebay at $25 it was a bargain. But the Reyee is tough to flash the first time and at ~$100 new these days with only 16 MB flash and no 2.4 GHz ax support or USB? I'd say forget it at that price.

If the price is right (~$40 or less) and 2.4 GHz ax is not interesting to you, the Belkin RT3200 is still a solid choice.

It's def not worth $100, when the WRX36 is $80 at US Amazon.

Yes - $100 is a stretch for the Reyee E5. I suspect the marketing team is pricing it per external antenna. I will say though that the Reyee performs quite well as a 5 GHz dumb AP. A little better than an RT3200 and much better than a WRX36.

The $80 WRX36 has impressive specifications - especially as a gateway - but it's mid to long range WiFi throughput and stability were just not as good as a Belkin RT3200 when I tested both apples to apples. Strictly as a dumb AP, I personally would lean toward a cheaper RT3200 over the WRX36.

I actually had both, kept two WRXs as APs, because I liked the 2.5gbit uplink port (not that I need it).

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Thanks, I had similar thoughts as you do. The Cudy doesn’t seem to have a huge following here but it’s an 820 device for cheap. I’m a little hesitant because the thread had complaints about wifi slowdowns (although they were older and could be fixed now) and the Glinet Flint 2 thread reports some wifi issues when 2.4 and 5 share the same ssid. I’d imagine the drivers for 820 and 830 are similar.

The Zyxel is pretty good for the price but I have no need for the extra flash since I’m using it as a dumb ap, don’t need the 2.5g port. The only upgrade over the Cudy would be the 3x3 5ghz which might be useful

Another potential pro for 820 is it’s the target platform for the OpenWrt one device so it might get a bit more active development I guess. That’s a ways off though

I’m leaning towards the rt3200 now. It’s cheap, has 4x4 on the 5ghz and the large community here seems happy about WiFi stability after the AX issues were fixed on Apple devices last year

Any good cheap AX devices for the EU market that could be used as Dumb AP?
Currently I'm using old Xiaomi 4A Giga but would like to switch to AX because of new devices in my apartment.
AlI was able to find from devices in this topic is Cudy WR3000 for about 45-50€ on EU amazon.
Like the Filogic 820 in new Xiaomi AX3000T but it's only available from China (probably with their power adapter).
Is old Xiaomi AX3200 router still a good option?
Cudy and 3000T have newer SOC and 2x2 wlan but AX3200 is 4x4. I guess it could also be used as a backup router.

if you just want something cheap, look for Zyxel WSM20 on eBay, people buy the multi packs, since they're a lot cheaper, per device, and sell off the extra units they don't need.

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Thx, that is also a good option for AX but I was thinking to get away from old MIPS MT7621.
New Zyxel in single pack is almost the same price as Cudy.
Can we expect from newer MTK chipsets like 7622 or 7981 to be as stable and good supported in openwrt?
The old 7621 is rock stable for quite a while, at least as dumb AP.
Don't now about 7622 but 7981 is quite new it seems...

I know, that's why I said ebay ,)

supported yes, stable, dunno

you don't really need a beefy SoC for an AP.


I went with Xiaomi AX3200, found one in the local shop, mint condition, returned from customer, 10d old, with 2y warranty, 35€ including tax. Not bad since it is not available anywhere, xiaomi discountinued this model. Flashed openwrt without problem, it's working for 3 days now as dumb AP without problem. A litle bulky for AP but nobody is going to see it up high on the furniture :slight_smile:
The closest by price would be Cudy WR3000 but its close to 60€ with delivery from amazon.
MT7622 is quite faster CPU then old 7621. Interestingly, my old AC clients show noticeable improvement in max speed in comparison to old xiaomi Mi4 giga, same position, same channel, tested on my locally hosted openspeedtest server. Didn't expect that but really don't care about speedtests :slight_smile:
AX3000T is interesting new model but it is not so cheap, available only from China, staring from around 40$ + shipping + import tax and with the chinese new year going on it's not the right time for ordering.