What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?

Isn't there just 2.5 Gbps between SoC and switch chip?

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More than likely I'm not interpreting the dts entry correctly.


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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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just to let you know that my TOTOLINK A8000RU converted to OpenWRT is amazing for the price (82€)
i didn't notice any bug, the wifi is very strong and works very well. if you want more info don't hesitate.

btw the manufacturer Firmware has a lot of hidden page, including one that enables telnet :
telnet and ssh password is : cs2012

the only negative point for me is its size, it is really huge :sob:

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They seem pretty expensive on Aliexpress now unfortunately.

2 left (cz warehouse), about 60 EUR =)

when i go to your link i see 203€ :thinking:
i don't understand how it can cost 82€ in France and upto 350€ on aliexpress :joy:

it's sold out, there were two units available in CZ for ~60€, this morning.

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Is there anything better than the Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition for around the $35 USD mark? Had a quick dig through Aliexpress offerings and my old favourite (YouHua WR1200JS) no longer seems to be available.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

27$ but i don't know what kind of SOC there is in this router, i bet for a MT7621...
AC 1200
Gbit ports

Is this device supported by OpenWrt?

indeed, I don't think so :sweat_smile:
But for sure its firmware is based on openwrt, as i can see "luci" in the login page at 00:28
it's a good start :laughing:

Edit :

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Probably a bit early for me. Just bought 4x Xiaomi Router 4A Gigabit Edition routers, will see how we go


I prefer the TP-Link Archer A6/C6 v3.x. Same hardware as the Xiaomi 4A, but with one additional Ethernet port and easier OpenWrt installation.

For now only Archer A6 v3 is supported by stable builds, but the same image can be used to flash on Archer C6 v3 (A6 v3 anc C6 3 have the same hardware, not to confuse with the C6U v3) and the snapshot builds are already available for the C6 v3.


you can also find some Phicomm K3C (lantiq SOC) for a very low price:

there is one @ 15$ new and factory sealed.

I almost bought one of those, but instead I bought a Archer C7 v5.

I'm pretty happy with it, and it was not all that expensive (I got mine well under $50 on eBay, brand new).

The Archer C20 from Amazon.ca works well with 50/10Mbps VDSL service for $30CDN.

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