What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?

Obviously, my knowledge of the GL-Inet one stems from the link given by the other guy.
I dont know much about it except that it uses the same chipset, same amount of memory, same amount of flash and is smaller (volume wise) all of which can be had from the link presented earlier.

What mod does Zsun need to do usb networking?
I just pop mine in and voilà, it works!
Maybe I just dont know what usb networking is...


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for usb networking. just plug it in and it works, no driver install needed on my windows laptop. and this great.

for example,

  1. i disable wifi on my laptop
  2. plug the usb150 into my usb port
  3. using the custom web interface, i connect the usb150 to a public hotspot
  4. connect the usb150 to mullvad wireguard vpn.
    in this way, nobody can see my laptop on wifi, because i disabled it.

if i need to, i can access the standard openwrt web page and command line.

you do not have to plug it into a usb port, you can plug it into a usb power adapter or usb battery bank, and use it for other openwrt stuff like acting as a wifi router for other users, with an option for guest wifi and so on.

the only downside is the wifi is limited to 150Mbps

and the support forum is really good.


Bt Home Hub 5A (Also Available As Plusnet, 128/128 Dual Band AC 1300 Works Well For Me In Client & AP (2.4 &5Ghz) mode


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gl-inet makes several small/cheap routers that have 3 ethernet sockets and run openwrt
i have not used them myself, as i use their usb150.
i do know they have a very active, friendly forum.

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I checked out the gl-inet router and it looked really cool!

My favorite router is my modded TL-WR703N with 8M/64M, and my only complain is it has only one LAN port, so 3-port gl-inet is a great option and I recommend it in lieu of modded TL-WR703N.

Have you try it? I'm thinking on buying one. 512M RAM for 36€ seen quite cheap.

It also has Gigabit Ports, it is worth checking the firmware differences.

I've been loving the GL-INet Slate, that I bought the GL-INet Brume-W. I got them on sale


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Hi, thanks for sharing. How much did you get the Slate and the Brume for, on sale? Thx.

I have the GL-AR300M. It is a great device you can power via USB. Perfect to make a small network during travel etc.

Shop around the internet ebay, amazon, aliexpress etc etc, and keep an eye out for the best prices.

Thanks. Do you remember roughly how much you paid?

$131 for the Brume-w. I can't remember what I paid for the Slate, I know it was on sale though

$131 is not exactly what I would call cheap.


I'm not sure if you are aware but the world is currently experiencing a Corona Crisis. The effects that I am seeing is minimal production with electronic devices. Hence shortages. Some electronic devices have actually increased in price because of shortages.

People are desperate to get what ever they can get a hold of. I had to wait several months for one of my electronics devices to be posted. The online electronics shop notified me that there is a halt on production. I'm lucky to get a hold of one.

I'm taking what ever I can get, if I get it on a discount it's a bonus.

I'm not sure if you are aware, but the topic is

What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?

A $131 device does not really fit to this topic.


The cheapest device available here (Germany) is the Maginon WLR755AC which is identical to WAVLINK WL-WN577A2. It was sold in the end for 5€ at aldi stores and even now you just have to call the service number and claim you've a broken one to get one new for free.
Unfortunately it runs very unstable with OpenWRT snapshot, transmission speed drops under high load and sometimes it crashes completely.

The TP-Link Archer C50 is used also very cheap available starting from 5,-€ at ebay small ads and works stable with OpenWRT 19.7.7

TP-Link Archer C2 available at same costs (5,-€) but unusable as it is extremely slow (max 30Mbits/s at 2,4GHz, tested with snapshot and 19.7.7)

TP-Link Archer C20i is nearly identical beside missing Gbit LAN-switch but works like a charm.
They are a dime a dozen too when bought used. Also it consumes only about 2 watts of power so this is definitely my favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device.

My favorites are:

  • anything from Mikrotik supported with Openwrt (just perfect HW)
  • Archer C5 v4 (unfortunatelly not fully supported yet... USB for more packages)
  • TP-Link Archer C7 v4

Price usually around EUR20.


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This GL-MT300N-V2 is good for you?

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