What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?

Compare C7v2 with C7v3 they are mostly similar except the hardware

minihere WR330 or WR1200JS

Easy to install or firmware recovery with Breed/Uboot Web UI ->
Wifi dual band A / N / AC
RAM: 128 M , Flash : 16 M
4 * Gigabits LAN + 1 * WAN gigabits
CPU: MediaTek MT7621AT
Serial port -> Easy to open the box !!!
1 * USB2

Low price: 30 $ , 33 €

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The TL;DR of the previous poster's thread is to add the Pisen WPR003N and the DomyWifi DW33D, the latter of which is an already supported device.

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Anyone know where to currently buy the NEXX WT3020 new?
Been out of stock at aliexpress and gearbest for a while, banggood used to have it but no longer lists it ... Where do I get my tiny usb powered cheap openwrt wifi with ethernet fix? Alternatives to this nexx in the sub $15 incl shipping (new)? Thanks.

Closest I can think of is the GL.iNET GL-MT300N-V2 which can be had for ~$20.


CHANEVE, anyone? resembles nexx box, but totally different inside (claims)
AE product number 32887453905
Aaarch, where do I find NEXX wt3020 ...

I'm not entirely surprised that the Nexx WT3020 (and its little sibling, the WT1520) are not available anymore. They have been introduced in 2014, and they probably just produced a one-time boatload that has been sold off by now, standard China procedure.

I agree with @RaylynnKnight, the GL.iNet GL-MT300N is probably your best bet for a small portable wifi router in the same price range, also their hardware is way better than the old Nexx ones. I still love my WT1520 to bits, it's a great little "public internet condom" for my travel needs, but its hardware is seriously outdated by now, I would probably go for the GL.iNet now, too.


I'd agree, the WT3020 isn't really up to it when you can get the Gl.iNet AR300M NOR flash only model for not much more, with far better performance and a far better supported Atheros SOC:

WT1520 can still be found, but at 4MB ... I need 8.
WT3020 arguably the hardware is not the latest etc, but, it does a basic job geat, and the reasons for the Nexx are mutliple. It has a smaller form factor (foorptint and volume, smaller height and depth), It is white compared to ... yellow. Well, that's a matter of taste. It is roughly 1/3 cheaper, costing roughly $15.5 going down to <$14 during promo's, including shipping, compared to >$21 not including shipping.
When I compare GL.iNet GL-MT300N (v1 or v2) with the Nexx WT3020 in real world, well, they do the same speed under identical device load, and reliable connection. The AR300M has higher specs, and much higher price, but the real world performance for me is hardly noticeable and so not worth the extra cash in my opinion. All are in daily use for 3+ years, so Nexx has it for me (price, size, color), and that's why I'd like to find some more.
Anyone know where to get some last units?

As always, YMMV, but I found the MT7620 platform on the WT3020 to have poor performance from LEDE 17 until OpenWRT 18.06.4, where finally some strong improvements were made to the driver. Prior to that, Padavan was much better as it had the better Mediatek drivers.

However, I agree that, if you can still find it, there isn't much at $14 that can match the WT3020 for it's form factor (travel sized). But it just wasn't a reliable enough daily driver for me when you can spend an extra $5 or so for the MT300N, which has good firmware support from Gl.iNet and a generally superior experience.

Again, I stress, YMMV.

Love to use OpenWRT on Ubiquiti / Mikrotik devices, very stable.

My favorites:


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Or this thing which looks similar but could be anything:

GL-MT300N V2 -> same products


Thanks Magnets. At $15 nexx winner, at $22 mt300 is obviously winner. Might be counterfeit given the different brand name, all nexx I bought in the past have prominent nexx on the case and packaging. The second one looks like the WT1520.

They don't accept a new boxed router for 4$. No winner exists here.

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Please provide the link to find your so-called 2019 routers. I'm interested in the 5 port model.

Also, the only "winner" is the router one can actually obtain and use.

Lastly, many of your posts are: rambling, off-topic, repitious, provide no details and promotes a badge contest that doesn't exist.

There is also this GL.iNet device. Which has very similar specs to the "Mango," but it only has a single wired ethernet port and it's $1.50US cheaper.

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I don't want to be a gold keeper. We are talking about cheap thing. But I am NOT only talking about the things outstanding. I am representing homebrewed firmwares inside these things. I am afraid of nonacceptance of both.

OK, I guess that means you refuse to provide more information on the 5-port (and 2-port) device you keep posting about. I'd advise that you stop promoting those routers, then - since you don't want to provide details on how/where one could purchase them.

Then, I wouldn't promote compatible routers that you want to hide.

Thanks anyways.


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Why you are indulging the meaningless purchasing channel? I leave no comments on the stock firmware of the 5-port device you mentioned.