What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?

Found new product with openwrt / pandorabox / ... supported
2.4/5G 5 ports Gigabits / USB / with 32M ROM 512M RAM


Nice. All working ? SQM ? Wifi .

Does USB3 work correctly with USB-modems?

gl-inet offer a bunch of cheap openwrt devices and a very good support forum.

the one product i have from them is something i have not seen elsewhere, tho every company should offer it.
it is a openwrt router on a usb stick. https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-usb150/
if anybody knows of another such product, please let me know.

This is basically the same thing, except it also supports a micro sd card.

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thanks for the link.

not a viable solution for me but good to know it exsits.
lack of ram.
lack of oem support.
large size, could not plug two usb devices, side by side, into my laptop.

Thanks for the response,

You do know its literally the same device, except zsun has sdcard support?
same chipset, same flash, same memory.

So lack of ram cannot be an issue unless you have information the rest of us reading the link you gave does not have.

Oem support, is that referring to OpenWRT ready? No difference there either.

Large size, you do have a point there. But that is dependent on how your usb plugs are fitted. I can easily fit two zsuns next to each other on a few of my laptops (not all of them). Volume wise I'd bet the zsun is actually smaller.

Zsun is a great device, as I am sure is the GL-Inet one.

Happy thoughts,

i just need a product that plug and play and i can get tech support as needed.
the gl-inet forum is great, many experts there who are very helpful to newbies.

there does not seem to be a image at openwrt.org webiste.

the issue is not volume size but the overall form factor.


So the GL-Inet doesn't need a mod (like the Zsun) to do USB networking?

Obviously, my knowledge of the GL-Inet one stems from the link given by the other guy.
I dont know much about it except that it uses the same chipset, same amount of memory, same amount of flash and is smaller (volume wise) all of which can be had from the link presented earlier.

What mod does Zsun need to do usb networking?
I just pop mine in and voilà, it works!
Maybe I just dont know what usb networking is...


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for usb networking. just plug it in and it works, no driver install needed on my windows laptop. and this great.

for example,

  1. i disable wifi on my laptop
  2. plug the usb150 into my usb port
  3. using the custom web interface, i connect the usb150 to a public hotspot
  4. connect the usb150 to mullvad wireguard vpn.
    in this way, nobody can see my laptop on wifi, because i disabled it.

if i need to, i can access the standard openwrt web page and command line.

you do not have to plug it into a usb port, you can plug it into a usb power adapter or usb battery bank, and use it for other openwrt stuff like acting as a wifi router for other users, with an option for guest wifi and so on.

the only downside is the wifi is limited to 150Mbps

and the support forum is really good.


Bt Home Hub 5A (Also Available As Plusnet, 128/128 Dual Band AC 1300 Works Well For Me In Client & AP (2.4 &5Ghz) mode


for some reason you post was flagged, not sure why.
gl-inet makes several small/cheap routers that have 3 ethernet sockets and run openwrt
i have not used them myself, as i use their usb150.
i do know they have a very active, friendly forum.

seem this forum is quick to flag posts, not sure why.
not sure if you will see this, so i will send you a PM.

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I checked out the gl-inet router and it looked really cool!

My favorite router is my modded TL-WR703N with 8M/64M, and my only complain is it has only one LAN port, so 3-port gl-inet is a great option and I recommend it in lieu of modded TL-WR703N.

Have you try it? I'm thinking on buying one. 512M RAM for 36€ seen quite cheap.

It also has Gigabit Ports, it is worth checking the firmware differences.

I've been loving the GL-INet Slate, that I bought the GL-INet Brume-W. I got them on sale


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Hi, thanks for sharing. How much did you get the Slate and the Brume for, on sale? Thx.