What's your favorite enthusiast LEDE/OpenWrt device?

That is true, although my area cannot handle more than ~36Mbts, despite the ISP who's infrastructure is used (my country barely has, if at all, any competition in water, electricity, and telecommunications, amongst a few other fields, which are partially due to politics).

I personally would love to build an miniSTX PC with the DrayTek VigorNIC 132 inside, however the prices...

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slh, thanks a lot for your good explanation! I think i will stick to the R7800. Thanks a lot.

Actually i am not familiar with linux and LEDE should not be the software for me but the reason i am happy about LEDE is the support for Dual-Stack Lite tunnel (ds-lite IPv4 in IPv6). I will be switiching to a modem only on my Docsis internet connection and i could not find any other router which supports DS-Lite (DD-WRT does not, Asus does not, Ubiquiti does not). My shitty internet provider does not provide a native IPv4 or Dual Stack, only native IPv6 and DS-Lite (Ipv4 via AFTR gateway).
Furthermore my internet connection is faster than 400 MBit/s and i need a fast device.

Unfortunately I hardly have linux knowledge and I won't be much help for the forum. To be honest i am a little bit afraid of bricking my device and I'm probably going to ask a lot of questions, but with the help of @hnyman and his amazing work i could get the device running... :grinning:

Chromebox with LEDE? Please explain further how to use a real intel i3 as router with LEDE. Thanks

LEDE/Openwrt is compiled for x86 (images here) since forever... I run it on my x86_64 APU2 router.

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Thanks, i will try it with my Zotac ZBOX CI323 (Intel Celeron N3150, 4x 1.60GHz, 2MB Cache, 6W TDP, ) Unfortunately with Realtek Chipset for Wifi, so this might be an issue and i need a seperate AP

Hi everybody,

Do you know if Linksys WRT1900ACS and NETGEAR Nighthawk R7800 have "hardware-accelerated crypto" ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The ARM v7 with neon should do AES and SHA in hardware as far as I understood; similar to AES-NI, but different name, different brand and different (sub)instruction set. Crypto with neon is in mainstream Linux so should work with Lede/OpenWRT.

The IPQ8065 (and some other IPQ’s) in the R7800 should have crypto in the hardware according to Wikidev but I didn’t see any driver for it. It’s difficult to find good datasheets / programming guides :frowning:

I bought a wrt1900acv2 from Linksys about 2 months ago for $80 shipped. Even though linksys has krappy firmware and support, David's LEDE firmware on open wrt and it's Untangled support makes this router a no brainer for most uses. Though everyone seems to want 3200 and better for AC use. I see no issues with 1900 in the home, as the only devices that should use wifi are mobile and laptop or tablets. Which should not make too much a difference between 3200 and 1900 AC.

Interesting with untangle. What are the advantages of untangle? And how do install it with Davids firmware? Thanks!

Sorry if I made it sound like untangle was an add-on.

It is a stand alone option that requires media (hard disk or SD card) to load it's interface and security options. It's not as robust as LEDE for module installs, but for home to medium biz, the interface and modules make setup simple and very effective with its logging. Has some o the best logging tools for a commercial router. Unfortunately it runs only on 1900AC/V2 and both 1900ACS versions only. No support for any other router. It's one not so well known option for our 1900 series routers, which is a hidden bonus, if you decide to try it out.

I am going to run David's build and see if i like it first. Just have to get use to wrt again... been so long and all. Packages are so varied now, and makes thinking of options a relearning experience. May go to Untangled if find issues, just to see if the Untangled crew has resolved them on their build.

Thanks for the info. I might will try it out. Right now i am using SuperWRT with my 1900ACv2 and it is super stable and really fast.

So after comparing the Netgear R7800 with the Linksys WRT1900ACv2, the WRT1900ACv2 is my favorite. LEDE seems to be faster

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Guys, please stick to the topic, which does contain neither Superwrt nor untangle.

As far as I can tell both I and the treefiddy have stuck to the topic, it's the guys previously who made comments about other things... i answered a simple Q which gave insight to other options. Like treefiddy, the wrt1900ac/V2 does well with lede openwrt. I don't see how David's build is not allowed, it is an lede based firmware.

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You can take a look at this http://www.wallystech.com/product/html/?110.html

What's the latest opinion for mid 2018? I'm in the market to replace my R7000, because while DD-WRT support has been solid, there is no OpenWrt/LEDE support. Looking at either the R7800 or WRT3200ACM as they seem to be the most popular and future proof. One important feature for me is fast/stable USB NAS.

What I've gathered skimming reviews and various forums:

  1. R7800 has been stable for a while. WAN-LAN will hit 940Mbits. Wireless is plenty quick, and USB storage can hit a decent 80MB/s read 50 MB/s write on OEM firmware. Some users have reported an intermittent high ping issue though that would not be good for gaming. The popular custom build is from "hnyman" based on LEDE/OpenWrt and "kong" for DD-WRT.

  2. WRT3200ACM hasn't been stable for long but caught up recently. WAN-LAN is a little slower perhaps than R7800 (often hitting 850Mbit-ish as per smallnetbuilder.com), WiFi has gotten much better, and USB 3.0 storage is crazy fast, 100MB/s both read and write this is a big plus for me. The popular custom build is from "davidc502" based on LEDE/OpenWrt.

Can anyone comment on these two other than my mostly anecdotal research? Will probably wait until the 'major release' of OpenWrt in 2018 they said is coming soon on their main page to be fully merged with LEDE. :+1:

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both of them seems to be stable, it's just the price that makes a difference, on ebay I often saw wrt3200acm being sold with less
there is a sata-p port too, so you can hook a laptop hard drive without additional power needed

The price of both R7800 and WRT3200ACM are roughly the same now. Both $200 on Amazon and both have factory certified refurbs available on the company websites for $130.

I'm talking like ~85$ on bids


I have just come across an issue https://github.com/kaloz/mwlwifi/issues/291 at kaloz’s mwlwifi repo that states that the power levels on WRT3200ACM cannot be adjusted, period. It always runs at the highest power output. That is a big downside for this router. Anyone knows if this only applies to the US versions of WRT3200ACM or all of them?

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All. They share a common firmware and driver