What's your favorite enthusiast LEDE/OpenWrt device?

Yes, can you please generalize the issues of Flint 2? The thread for it is too big.

Just read the most recent 30 posts with patches needed left and right? @SlowTypist

I read lots of recent posts and they are all talking about patches in snapshot, which one is relating to stable release?

Those patches are being tested, because of changes needed for other devices.
They potentially could break things for the MT6000 as well.

Actually this is great news for a device.
People are not afraid testing changes, that could break networking altogether.

On MT6000 even if you loose LAN and WiFi at the same time, you can still recover without opening the case and needing serial.

In general, one should not confuse correlation and causation.
When there is lots of discussion and testing related to a device, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s because the device has issues.

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In fact when a platform can introduce that many discussion, which is a good thing, this can help to improve.

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As I said, snapshots work very well and are stable. Patches are for potentially tuning or improving things, but there aren’t many posts where people have actual problems. This is very beneficial work for the whole community. For example some folks have noticed a WireGuard performance regression with the 6.6 kernel. It might be affecting all devices and somebody maybe will find the culprit for everybody’s benefit.

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To talk about correlation and causality when both of us are just having opinions are ridiculous.

I’m reading most popular device threads on a daily basis and the Flint 2 is over represented with issues in my experience.

Why should one get the Flint rather than the TUF that it’s hard to argue that having a more stable OpenWrt code base? Also documented to work amongst the best in real life scenarios amongst AX6000 routers in this price range.

The “WireGuard” performance issue with the 6.6 kernel was known long before mentioned in the Flint 2 thread.

I’m not going to argue that development on all devices and cross device improvements is what makes this firmware phenomenal. I have an enormous amount of respect for the people spending time to create this amazing firmware.

On topic:

I am very curious about the Adtran (SmartRG) SDG 8632 that is recently supported by OpenWrt. Finally a WiFi 6E router that doesnt require to rebuild half the motherboard (Predator W6) would be great.

Never heard of them and I cant find anywhere to buy their products? They only sell to ISPs?

So more discussion on adding more improvements on snapshot is a sign of problematic? You have to put snapshot aside and look at how many people reporting problem with stable release to make a fair judgement.

And the TUF-AX6000 was quite high priced I would doubt how many people are here actively involved?

Just like the Japan only Buffalo WXR-5950AX12 & WXR-6000AX12, the later one was discovered with WiFi calibration issue, but only 1 person talking about that, it doesn't mean there is no issue, but too few people using it.