What's your favorite enthusiast LEDE/OpenWrt device?



Haven't done any wireless testing as it's not so important to me. As for CPU load have a look: https://imgur.com/a/Z3Bh7iA

Around 40MB/s there's 40-50% load on both cores. I'm using my own build compiled from master recently, flow offloading is on.


Yup. Hopefully DSA switch comes soon and you get another offloading boost just in time for your next speed bump.

I have a C2600 but its retired, I use an mt7621 router now which felt like a downgrade, but it seems mt76 is where most OSS wifi efforts are going.


I think that's a pretty major downgrade, no? Why would you retire your C2600 :slight_smile: I would only trade it for an R7800 but can't justify the effort for a minor upgrade.

I think you're right about the OSS status of mt7621 though, I think I read somewhere that it supports hw offloading?


Yup, the C2600 could do more. I suppose I like to use whatever seems most active dev wise.

mt7621 supports hw offloading but that doesn't work with SQM, although like you said at fast symmetrical speeds one doesn't really need SQM, not a home user anyway.

NSS cores seem interesting though, in addition to general traffic (ipv4/6, pppoe..etc) they can also accel qdisc. I'm most interested in crypto-accel and seeing vpn/openssl numbers. Porting all the codeaurora modules to work with current kernels is a lot of work.. and in the end its to offload to a closed blob :smile: , so that will never be accepted into master.

And there's IPQ807x now too..


My top picks would be in order of price (high to low):

  1. PC Engines APU2c4 (Quad-core + 4GB ECC RAM) - https://openwrt.org/toh/pcengines/apu2
  2. 8 Devices Jalapeno (802.11ac Wave2 support) - https://shop.8devices.com/wifi4things/Jalapeno%20DVK
  3. GL-iNet GL-AR750S-Ext - https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-ar750s/


These looks great, however I'm no sure if any of them can support 1GB WAN and the ac wifi is just basic comparing to some more expensive one. I've got some real Chinese travel router (similar for your last one) for around $25 if I remember correctly, and of course I've replaced the fw with Lede :slight_smile:



You'd be wrong. I suggest you read the links, these aren't cheap chinese routers.
The APU2, even with 2 GB RAM models will easily manage 1GB WAN, it's one of the fastest SoCs you can install OpenWRT on.


Thank you for the heads up. I'll check APU, but it seems significantly more expensive than some of the previously mentioned product also supports 1G WAN