What's your favorite enthusiast LEDE/OpenWrt device?

Please mind that this topic is only for recommendations of your favourite enthusiast OpenWrt device, i.e. "I can recommend device XYZ, because...".


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It has been almost 6 years now, since I started with OpenWrt and I am really glad, that we have such a great FLOSS project, that runs on many consumer routers.
And I have to say I am quite happy with all my main OpenWrt devices, which are:

  • the first one was an TP-Link Archer C50 v1, which is a decent small router and still serves as 2nd router at my parents
  • then I git the a bit more powerful TP-Link Archer C7 v4, which first served as router and later as AP for many years until very recently and I still have it as backup.
  • now I use the Netgear Linksys E8450 802.11 ax router as AP
  • I can also recommend the travel router GL.iNet GL-AR300M

edit: corrected vendor name

Just adding if someone doesn't need WiFi 6 and Wifi 5 is fine then for an AP the Extreme Networks WS-AP3825I is now my go-to. It's a Dual-Band 3x3 MIMO, 2x 800Mhz, both POE or 12v 1A, 64mb MMC flash, 256mb DDR3 RAM, and two ethernet ports.

Rock solid stability as they are enterprise grade and you can get them for $15 used on eBay.


Nice suggestion but unless I'm overlooking something, installation tutorial is definitely not for noobs. :slight_smile:

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Your right it's not a GUI flash but it's just a copy/paste of 4 lines. I'll try to clean up the instructions some.

Here's a post someone did which makes it simpler to understand: https://forum.darmstadt.freifunk.net/t/flashing-of-the-extreme-networks-ws-ap3825i/923

Dynalink DL-WRX36. Working Wifi 6, 2.5Gbe, ARMv8 Processor rev 4, 1gb Memory, loads of flash storage and USB 3.

Support thread:

Edit: added the correct link. (The thread has been renamed, and apparently the original link did not contain the thread id number, like normally)


Your link directs to page that no longer exists.

Thinking of getting an r6s - any update on its cake performance? Thanks!

I have been meaning to get one... too broke. I have a few mods for cake coming out soon that might help, but need to profile.


Shame. Guess I might have to be the trend setter then. Will report back if I end up getting one and looking forward to the cake mods.

I do like the old Linksys WRT series (I have WRT1900ACv2 + WRT3200ACM), I know the WiFi thing kind of sucks due to no more firmware support, but it's quite a solid one as wired router. What I like it: Has buiult-in crypto accelerator so running OpenVPN can give decent throughput on my mom's 100M internet; It has eSATA port which I can plug my 4-bay eSATA tower to add 4 disks and run torrent on it :slight_smile:

Second one I like is GL-INET MT1300 travel router, at beginning I didn't really like it because it doesn't work well on 19.07 (some improvements on 21.02 but still needs a lot manual work on it), with 22.03 it becomes very solid, now it's always in my travel baggage.

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Can you please confirm that it's a Netgear and not a Linksys router? I tried to Google it and Linksys floods the screen, even with "Netgear" in quotes.

Likely a typo.
E8450 model is associated with Linksys.

Either wrong company, or wrong model number. lol

… or both :wink:

Yes, it is Linksys, sorry.

No worries. You could have meant a different model that is a Netgear product. Anyway, now to look it up and see if it's something I might want to get. :blush:

This seems like a good x86 based OpenWrt router.

3x 2.5Gbps
Wifi 6E

Did you get yours? I ordered mine the other day, and the PayPal payment was made to a person with a gmail account. My order didn’t show up in my profile on the FeiendlyElec web site where I ordered it from. Looks a little like a two-person (best case scenario) operation to me.

I already have my R6S sitting at home, just hoping to see a better OpenWrt image soon.