What's the maximum lan speed of WNDR4300 with LEDE version?

I'm using WNDR4300 with Openwrt v15.05.01. When it connects to the 500Mbps cable, the maximum speed of LAN is around 200Mbps. How about the new version of LEDE? Is the maximum speed better than the Openwrt?

LEDE routing speed isn't any faster than OpenWRT. But your WNDR4300 will gain benefit from the shortcut FE patches for LEDE in this thread:

Great! I'll try that patch.
Thank you for the information!

I looked at this thread for the FE patches and it isn't clear how you have to apply it and if you need to compile it yourself? Any idea when it will be incorporated in the main tree of code if any?

This is basically what I run to get the patch applies on the current LEDE code base, before running menuconfig:

git clone -b v17.01.2 git://git.lede-project.org/source.git lede
cd lede/
wget -o sfe.patch https://github.com/dissent1/r7800/commit/4ed549dc60f984891fce43d163b77462f07dc025.patch
patch -p1 < sfe.patch
./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a

I hope that helps.

@dissent1 has submitted a pull request to merge the SFE drivers into LEDE main tree. You can follow that here:

After reading through the above, I noticed that there are additional patches for SQM to work properly; so you might want to add them. I don't use SQM myself.

I would also suggest for you to post additional questions to the main SFE thread here: