What's the best way to monitor router releases with the mt76 driver?

I've been using a TP-Link WDR4300 for Wifi and find it's performance and reliability to be very good. I purchased a Linksys WRT1900ACS and find it to much less reliable and to not perform as well as the significantly older (and less powerful) WDR4300. I assume this is because Linksys chooses not to use open drivers so I expect the WRT1900ACS to continue to be a poor choice for wireless internet access.

Considering the WDR4300 only has 8MB Flash. I think it's wise to start keeping an eye out for an eventual replacement. Also considering that the mt76 driver is the only one currently getting attention by the open community, I figure this is the way to go. I'd love to get something with the hardware specs of the WRT1900ACS but with the mt76 driver.

Is there a webpage or thread someone that keeps track of mt76 releases? Something that I could keep an eye on in case something is released that I want to buy?

Something like this?