What's Softwre->Free space?

According to the device specs, my router has 8MB of flash. The Free space value is 91% (2.6MB). What exactly is this? 91% free or 91% used? And what's 2.6MB, free space? Then, how come it is 91%? 2.6MB/8MB is 32.5%.

is squashfs - a compressed file system, the math can be ..... uncertain.

and it's "91%" used.

Yup, but I can see that for newcomers it can be quite confusing :slight_smile:
It should say 91% used from the usable space on the flash after the space required for OpenWRT.

Are you sure it's not 91% free? Because when I install a package the percent decreases.

on a 8MB flash device ?

Like i said, it's a compressed file system, so the storage could increase, even if you store more,
it depends on how and when it's calculated/predicted, and what's being written to it.

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