What's next after 22.03?

Version 22.03 is a great major release with two highlights : Kernel 5.10 and firewall4.
Now a few questions ...

  • is kernel 5.15 (the next LTS) a goal for the next major release (23.xx) ? I have seen that some targets from master trunk have already bumped to kernel 5.15.
  • will 21.02 be still maintained for some time ? There have been no update for several months (I assume that the devs were focusing on 22.03 instead). In comparison 19.07 had a long life with 10 minor releases. I'm still interested in running 21.02 on some vintage devices.

Thank you.

I believe there was debate about 5.15 being included in 22.03, so chances are we might see the upcoming LTS in the next release. Already now 5.15 is getting a bit long in the teeth.

I suppose 21.02 will see updates till 23.xx gets released, similarly to how 19.07 will be dropped after the 22.03 release.

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Yea, but 21.02 was supposed to be released 2020 but the work with dsa was dragging on back then so finally it was decided a “needed” 21.02 to get the show rolling again.

And two 19.07 realeases was the dnsmasq zero day bug and the malfunction fix bug for the bug fix.


21.02 EOL feb 2023 https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/security#support_status
as you can see in the link above official policy is old stable release gets EOLed 6 months after current stable release

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That's what I thought and feared. I would have to use the than latest 21.02, or switched to 22.03.

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Thank you all for your answers.

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This is a plan but it isn’t carved in stone.

Personally I don’t think 21.02 will be retired until packages like BanIP and most of the packages compatibility list is solved or dropped for ever for fw4?

I don't see a reason to maintain 21.02 for some 3rd party sub-projects (packages) not included in the default image


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