What's my routers highest buildable firmware?

Hello, this is the information on one of the wiki's I found for my router, the Netgear R6120.

What I'm wondering is if I can build myself a later, more recent and stable version of the firmware to use, or if I am capped at 19.07.7

As per https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/netgear_r6120

Supported Since Release 19.07.0
Supported Current Release 19.07.7 -- this is the line I am confused about. Does this mean I cannot build more mature versions?

Thanks for any help

This datafield gets updated once the final 21.02.0 release is available.

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Okay, it seems I misunderstood the version scheme numbering, then? Is 19.07 a major release?

Edit: this https://openwrt.org/about/history page clarified things. I was under the impression that different routers had varying levels of version support. This clarified things for me.

yes, 19.07. is the current stable release

I'm still having trouble finding out what these other versions on this page are, like 18.x


Anything older than 19.07 are old retired releases in status End-Of-Life.


xx=year of stable branch drop off (branch drop off from the main branch, the main branch is downloadable as the master snapshot).

yy=month of stable branch drop off from main branch.

xx.yy becomes the official name of the stable branch.

nn = service release in chronological order of that branch.
If nn = 0-rc1 or 0-rc2 is release candidates = beta test 1 or 2.

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