What's is best modem/router for Vdsl2 to bridged to OpenWrt Router

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I'm looking for vdsl modem that has built in qos for ptm i have modem that builtin ATM qos only which PCR,CDTV, SRC,MBS is there qos for ptm ? if yes what's it ? and what is the best modem that support ptm qos to buy ?

leave the modeming to the modem, and do the rest of the stuff on a dedicated router ?


that will depend on what hardware is in your VDSL DSLAM. Ideally you want to match modem to line card. Find out what is in your DSLAM and go from there. Also does your DSLAM support Vectoring or not? or G.IMP.

In short. Need more info.

see here for more info : https://kitz.co.uk/adsl/fttc-cabinets.htm

Also here for how you lookup : https://kitz.co.uk/adsl/cabinet-lookup.htm

Depends on where you live and what type of cabinet your connected to as you should always try to match the chipset the cab is running which if your in the UK is either

Lantiq which means your cab is likely a ECI M41 or Broadcom which means your cab is either Huawei MA5616T or Huawei MA5603T.

For example i am on a Huawei MA5616T cab which means i need a Broadcom chipset modem to which i do have via a Zytel VMG4005-B50A which this modem has the following profiles ADSL 1/2/2+, FTTC 8a,b,c,d 12a,b , 17a and 35B with ginp and super vectoring.

So to fully help you like pointed out by @mercygroundabyss we need more info, even just what your current Router is will help as we can get the chipset from that alone.


I have huawei dslam but i dont know what exactly the model so i need to buy broadcom modem what do you think about vr600 tplink

In my experience, TP-Link don't do a very good job regarding firmware updates.

I have had good experiences with Draytek and Billion, but I believe Billion are out of the CPE game now. Draytek would be my first choice, in any case.

TPLink aren't great. Firmware is lacking support.
Is it an all in one your after or just a modem?

I'm after a vdsl modem and not draytech as it's expensive in my country how about d-link ? i'm looking for modem with price 150 dollors at max

how about this modem ZXHN H188A

Get a zyxel modem

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Yep I used the Zytel VMG1312-B10A and it was great but I cycle out modems after 2 years of use. Now on a VMG4005-B50A

They are good modems, although you will need to play the 1312 into bridge mode for just using its modem.

Why would you do that?

Because I have a few modems fail within that time line when I was on ADSL where the RJ-11 port smelled fried and internet was dropping out due to it.

You know that this is not normal? There is no need to replace anything before it is broken.

what do you think of this modem linksys x6200

That's a realtek chipset, not a broadcom one.

@BigG what's not normal, RJ-11 smelling like its burnt or me changing the equipment every two years.

If the latter I have a modem graveyard of failed modems.

However, I don't mind changing out modems ever so often my VMG1312-B10A still works but that is now NY diagnostic modem as it has a mongoose server on it for displaying DSL stats (Custom firmware with jumbo frames enabled and newer DSL drivers).

Its the one thing I can count on with zytel they work well and work hard. Unlike comtrend modems and HG612's.

As for @angola1 are you after just a xDSL modem or an all in one as all you been firing here is AIO's.

i'm after xdsl modem to be bridged to openwrt access point pppoe

Then get the VMG1312-B10A on eBay, flash

Direct link: https://github.com/johnson442/custom-zyxel-firmware/releases/download/v1.1/1312-B10A-17-jumbo-tel-stats1.1-cmd.bin

Then place it into bridge mode which is easy enough to do.

Its a broadcom xdsl modem and it sync high on huawei cabs.

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what available right now in my country those (routers/modem) my DSLAM is huawei

  • Zyxel vmg3625-t50b
  • Huawei DN8245V
  • zte H188A
  • tplink vr600

Either the first two will do.

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