What would it take to bring back the LEDE web-site/wiki?

Let's face it, despite the best efforts of the web-site team, this whole merger/migration back to the openwrt.org domain hasn't been a glorious success.

The old outdated wiki is linked from a bunch of different places, visually there's very subtle difference between the obsolete and the new content and in general things have been very confusing both for users and contributors to the new wiki as well.

I'm glad that contributors like @JW0914 have soldiered thru and kept some major pages (like OpenVPN-related wikis) updated, but the user experience on locating valid information isn't that great.

What (productive action) needs to happen so that we could get back the great LEDE visuals and wiki and move the old content to an *.archive.openwrt.org?

PS. For example -- there was a great community-contributed "Why LEDE" page which is not even linked now. And the https://openwrt.org/about page directly links to an obsolete wiki. :frowning:

While I would certainly prefer a more modern look of the wiki I can live with the current theme.
But it would be great if the current wiki/oldwiki confusion was resolved.

Quoting jow from your linked thread:

What would be the best way to start another attempt on this? Discussing it on openwrt-adm?

Yes, bringing this topic to the mailing list could help to get things started.